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Vivian Marie Bivins was born in the tiny town of Timmonsville, South Carolina located 80 miles southwest of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At the age of three, her father moved the family to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for better job opportunities. Being the middle child of five and often the odd child out, Vivian spent most of her adolescent years entertaining herself by wondering through a maze of imagination. In her world of pretend and privilege she has dined with royalty, rescued orphaned children  from evil witches, and ruled over the tiny people of Lilliput from Jonathan Swift's classic tale, Gulliver's Travel. Living in her mind's eye lent the ability to breathe water, which afforded her the opportunity to live in the city of Atlantis as a dignitary.  Although her distractions caused some problems with parents and teachers, she is grateful  for the experience and believes it triggered her love for writing. Vivian credits her  admiration for books to her father, who emphasized reading.
 In 1995 a small town five miles north of her residence called Germanton, North Carolina  inspired her first novel, Colliding Worlds. She conjured up a mother and daughter team whose quest for fulfilled dreams make them pull up roots from their lazy little southern  town and move to New York in hopes of finding them. Although the story centralizes in and around Manhattan, it will take you as far as Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the Congo Rainforest, where  you meet interesting and exotic characters, then back to the little town of Germanton.
 Vivian developed a love for writing while in middle school. She admits that during  adolescent her attention span was but a minute long and in order to cope with the  rigorous and mundane lectures  from teachers, wrote stories under her desk. She distributed the short stories to  classmates and after realizing a demand for the cliff-hanging tales began charging 25  cents a sequel. It wasn't until some 22 years later that she started writing as a hobby. After completing one fourth of colliding Worlds, her sister demanded that she finish the story and upon completion continued to encourage publication.


Colliding Worlds



Colliding Worlds will take you on an uncertain adventure between Candace Brooks, a southern born 22-year old model hopeful and Austin Kawissopie, a native Tanzanian and executive of a major New York modeling agency. Your hearts will soar with delight as they discover love after years of searching and cry from life’s sometimes-cruel fate as Austin’s past catches up with them. This novel teaches us that love is not always the answer but letting go of it can sometimes be the ultimate salvation. It’s a well-rounded novel that not only touches on life’s pleasures, but on spousal abuse, infidelity and deceit as well. The story transfers to the rain forests of the Congo where prejudice between two African tribes exist. The story tells how one person unite the tribes to live in harmony. Colliding Worlds is a stimulating and entertaining read from a writer with fresh exciting talent. Colliding Worlds will awaken your emotions and leave you with a sense of exhilaration. This book is a must read!   

Matheson's Children



Matheson's Children is an entertaining read that uncovers secrets of mystic powers and the effect it has on the lives of five slaves. Their counteractive solutions for the trials and tribulations they experience will inspire, humor and mystify 

- Review by Altonya Washington, author of remember Love

Everything at Matheson's Plantation changed the day Willa came. The once orderly and systematically operated plantation started its transformation that day in early October. No one had even the slightest idea Willa was bringing with her a very potent yet clandestine source of power, so potent in fact, that sometimes she didn't recognize its strength. To have freedom then lose it at the hands of deceit is too much for Willa to accept. Once an African queen reigning over her people, Willa has now been thrust into a world of unthinkable harshness. Matheson's Children is the story of one slave girl's quest to regain humanity and control in a land that is strange and bewildering. Brought by the wealthy plantation owner Benjamin Matheson, Willa masterminds a plan with the help of supernatural powers to take her from being slave, house servant, and bed wench to controller of Matheson Plantation.

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